Cool Men Style – Interesting Tips to Be Trendy

Today’s men love to be tagged as Mr. Cool rather than Mr. Perfect. The passion for fashion has been transmitted from women to today’s men. The increasing enthusiasm of men being tagged as Mr. Cool has led to tremendous changes in their shopping patterns and buying options. Men who used to wear expensive brands are replacing their wardrobes with stuff that makes them funkier looking and trendy. The highly enthusiastic men of this genre love to wear anything that fits on to their personality and alter their look from normal to cool. They don’t want to fall back on anything when it comes to their grooming and looks. This phenomenal change in the mind sets of modern men has led to the development and popularity of street styles. Keeping in view all such normal men who want to look cool, I would like to enlist a few tips to guide you in your make over.

First and foremost, you must buy the exact size whenever you buy your. Majority of them either go for the larger size or smaller sized outfits which would eventually disrupt your looks. So, next time whenever you shop keep this in mind and choose an outfit that fits perfectly on your body. Choosing attire with different color combinations is a very good idea to idealize you in the cool man style. Yet, it can turn out to be a disaster if you mix too many colors. Keep the outfit simple and do not go beyond three colors. Even the accessories that you wear on a particular outfit should be chosen according to the occasion that you are attending. Do not wear too much of accessories which could turn off your entire looks.

If you are one among those who always like to wear formals; may be because of profession or any other reason, just add few attractions to your regular formals like collared shirts or go with contrast tees, formal shirt combinations or approach a style tycoon of your gang to get new ideas on modernizing formal wear. Apart from choosing a perfect pair of clothes, it is always advisable to choose ideal supporting pieces which includes outfits like sweaters, jerkins etc. You need to pay much attention even when you are shopping for your winter and summer wear as these pieces cover your body most of the time. And last but not the least, never go alone for shopping.

Going alone for shopping means you are getting ready by yourself to be tagged as a fashion disaster. Taking someone along with you for shopping is not a bad idea as you get to know which outfit suits you the most and which are not.


Street Style For Men

What exactly does the term “street style” mean? Well, the meaning is really implied in the name itself. Street style means that you are looking to the streets of your city for fashion inspiration, not to the runways of fashion shows. In cities all around the world, from Tokyo to London, from San Francisco to Seoul, and from New York to Recife, you’ll see great examples of fashionable and practical men’s streetwear. It’s all about dressing in a way that is stylish, while still being comfortable enough to trek to the nearest subway station, and suiting the climate.

Today, street style is widely varied and men have a plethora of options to look stylish while staying comfortable. One of the keys to street style at this time of the year is to dress in layers. It is hard to know if buildings such as restaurants or book stores will be cool or warm this time of year, as it’s pleasant outside but perhaps not yet cold enough to turn off the air conditioning. Therefore, light jackets and sweaters can be key for you to transition between warm and cool temperatures.

Street style, in many areas, is also defined by the businesses that make up the bread and butter of the city. In free-spirited arts districts, such as Bucktown in Chicago, you’ll see men on the streets in colourful and widely varied clothing styles. Here, you’ll fit in wearing a pair of brightly coloured jeans, a silkscreened tee shirt over a button-down cotton shirt and a brown leather jacket. You’ll also fit in wearing olive green chinos, a white cotton fitted tee-shirt, a dark denim vest, and a Panama hat. Accessories may reflect a wide range of interests and mediums: everything from bracelets made of vintage coins to necklaces made of leather wooden beads or feathers. A sort of anything-goes vibe is prominent here. But you’ll notice that the “anything” is still polished and refined. If you want to throw a brightly coloured bow tie or a bit of animal print into your street style, you can do it. Oversized sports jerseys and track pants, however, have no place here.

In a more business-oriented area of the city, you’re likely to see street style reflecting a more office focused track. The essentials for this side of the street style include tie accessories and a leather messenger bag or zip-top briefcase. The bag is essential, as it is considerably more stylish than a backpack. With a more conservative street style look, you can add flair to your appearance with interesting touches, such as shoes made of luxurious suede fabric, or those with a wing-tipped design. Mixing patterns and textures is also a great way to add personality to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to wear the blazer from a pinstriped suit with a pair of white denim pants, or a windowpane suit with a striped button-up shirt and tie.

Street style is a blend of fashion and functionality. It can be creative, or it can be classic. One thing that has remained true for many years now, however, is that taking risks is always in fashion. So the next time you see an apparel item and think, “I like that, but I couldn’t pull it off,” go ahead and add it to your wardrobe. Whether it’s a chartreuse tie or a classic, long golf umbrella, it could be a great addition to your street style wardrobe.