Options of Bohemian Clothing For Women

The term bohemian also means hippy, or for some people – bringing the true individuality of the person. Though there is a place called Bohemia, bohemian clothing style is based on a movement led by artists, and writers who acts and lives free from the conventions and practices of the society. Now this term basically means being gypsy.

If you’re adventurous, and not afraid to look different, wearing something new like this line of clothing will be interesting for you.

This style usually deviates totally from the standards of fashion of the time, actually you can call this style as ‘anti-designer.’ This style originally started from New York, when artists and writers dress different and live like wanderers in the streets of New York. The basic philosophy of this style is going back to nature, that is why most shirts in this style has lots of flower, leaves, trees and other nature images. These images symbolize peace and harmony while practicing creativity and being humane by reflecting apart of your humanity at the same time. This is what Bohemian philosophy proclaims.

But a lot has changed now, people are more open minded and adventurous in trying styles that are against the traditional.

Women bohemian clothing is a more creative style than men’s. Women are more innovative, loves to accessorize and more creative when it comes to fashion sense. This makes women bohemian style a lot more different than men’s, as most women love to wear jewelries, patch works or mirror work than men. These accessories usually don’t go well with any type of men’s clothing.

For women, shirts of this style has no standards for length, shirts can either be lone (up to knee length) or short (waist length). If you want to purchase a shirt for this style, look for those shirts that are made up with very soft fabric, very soft mean it should be a free-flowing shirt that drops around the body. Loose shirts are good. The design can also have bold patterns like floral designs, designs that has ancient touch like images from Chinese history, etc.

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